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To my love, My Angel, My 'female' soul mate... Oh how I miss her

I kn0w

Cam00730by Beautiful Felon23 Feb 2014

I know he'll never take my spot inside her heart, I know its hard to wait when we are so far apart, I know there is no comparison if we were standing side by side, I know he's been the only one to hold her lately the nights she's cried, I know the love she has for me will never die, our passion does not see the limit inside the sky, though sometimes I wish to be her special hummingbird, to appear and then vanish every time she says the word, to be able to go to her those times when she's in need, those times I feel the same pain when we both bleed, those times she wakes up in the middle of the dark night, to comfort her and let her know she no longer has to fight, I know it's hard for her to live a double life, her heart belongs with me yet he has made her his wife, I don't believe she is aware that I know, but it would take more than that for me to just let her go, I know her past I know her mind I know her heart, I knew I loved this beautiful soul from the start, I know I lose myself completely looking in her eyes, a blue more pure than the most heavenly skies, I know its breathtaking to kiss her quiet lips, the connection we have could cause a solar eclipse, never believed in a coincidence until meeting her, can't question a love where I've never been more sure, even though I know he will never take my spot inside her heart, and I too feel the pain of us having to be so far apart, I should thank this man for being right by her side, even though it should be me who held her close those nights she's cried...