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Take it as you will... isn't that the point in a conspiracy anyway? :)

Passion and Conspiracy

Cam00730by Beautiful Felon23 Feb 2014

One thing I fell instantly in love with is your passion for a conspiracy,
you point out every single aspect and explain the meaning to me,
showing what should be obvious but isn't seen by the naked eye,
at least not the one that's been blinded by those who demand that we comply,
you're passionate about what you believe and you're not afraid to show it,
you make sure when you're proving a point every word must be legit,
regardless of the topic at hand you're always down for a debate,
blowing everyone else's mind with a language hard for them to translate,
I can see how the meaning of conspiracy can leave one's mind a little intrigued,
and so many of the facts that you tell me about at one time I disbelieved,
passion and conspiracy with you go hand in hand,
and the humour that falls into play with all this is something that can not be planned,
simply can not be duplicated its straight out of your soul,
so many facts jammed inside your brain so many conspiracies yet to be told,
they claim its only as powerful as the passion you put into it,
the passion burns in you like a fire that will never go unlit,
one simple fact that got me to fall so instantly,
is how passionate you get when we get lost in a conspiracy.