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Sometimes scary isn't always a bad thing

The good kinda scary

Cam00730by Beautiful Felon23 Feb 2014

The good kind of scary, something similar to soul mate creepy, when the love is intense the butterflies haven't died, and the attempts at making it work are still fun no matter how much you've tried, you've always been more than any other person to her you're on a level all your own, nobody has gotten as close to her as you have the years you two have grown, she's shared with you her secrets her deepest fears and darkest dreams, the bond you both share with each other is what the good kind of scary means, the touch of your hand takes away her pain, and when her head is stuck inside the clouds you know how to bring her back down again, she's like a school girl with a crush and a sense of humour as dark and twisted as yours, how you can make her laugh in the middle of her cry is something about you she really adores, at times you are almost impossible to read and pop off with comebacks that blow her mind, she'd love to slow this down pausing at her favourite parts if only she can find the button to rewind, you know its scary when you don't have to do much and you impair her ability to walk, or when you know exactly what's wrong with her and she doesn't even have to talk, she loves you with her whole heart and its scares her in amazing ways, when you look into her eyes and kiss her passionately leaving her lost inside a daze, the connection and love she holds strictly for you is something nobody has even scratched the surface of, the type that cant easily be broken almost as addicting as a drug...
The good kind of scary, something similar to this love of you and me..