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For my Cousin

The Mask We Share

Cam00730by Beautiful Felon23 Feb 2014

Once upon a time there was this girl who'd only shine, she saw the beauty within the beast and inside a storm she was fine, well rounded head on straight, her life was backwards and i can relate, and for many years we shared this mask, pretend to be happy how long can this last, block out the pain shield it from the world, but she can only take in so much for she is just a little girl

Years down the road so much bullshit she went through, finding out they have so much in common, odd, I went through it too, both lives like a horror film or one twisted puppet show, its like rutiene eyes open mask on big smile so no one knows, play the part we all know so well, to please the gate keepers of this worlds wicked hell, when they say not to bite the hand that feeds you, leaving out what to do to the hand that beats you, smile at the face of the ones who made life black and blue, attempting to find some type of safety by those who should protect you, shield us away from the shit you shove in our face, were already here just waiting to die why make us wanna pick up the pace?
eyes open, into the morning light we stair, without an explanation for some reason they pretend to care, maybe there are two black sheep in every family but how's that fair? since we're forced to live miles apart with this mask that we both share...