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Escaped his captivity

Playing in her head

Cam00730by Beautiful Felon23 Feb 2014

Her voice is cracking her lips start to shake, hearing her own words she feels her heart break, at least when its all played out in her head, she has the ability to change her emotions instead, she climbs into there bed gripping her pillow tight, maybe she wont have to cry herself to sleep tonight, just that thought alone takes its toll, before she can grasp onto it she loses all control, the tears begin to fall before she can even blink, and with every beat further into her chest her heart sinks, he asks why she's crying again she has no excuse, just the tone in his voice strikes emotional abuse, he sighs rolls over and simply goes to bed, she inhales exhales then plays it over again in her head, she felt her reality is finally better than her dreams, now in her nightmares the pains less intense so it seems, and when sitting side by side her dreams and reality, its not that hard to figure out where shed rather be, drowning herself to sleep in a pillow soaked in her tears, playing in her head her fantasy of the past 2 years, forgetting all natural thought just to satisfy herself, feeling the love and comfort from her demons and no one else, she went from getting lost to simply playing in her head, at least that way she has the ability to hide her emotions instead...