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It is what it is.... or is it?

Blank sheet of Paper

Cam00730by Beautiful Felon23 Feb 2014

Ive always used my poetry, as a self medicated therapy, to get out everything I hold inside, instead of lashing out at myself when Ive cried, sometimes they'll stair at a blank sheet of paper, hoping somebody will come up and save her, page after page this endless fantasy, written down for only her eyes to see, they dont understand and they will never get it, try to explain something they see as bullshit, refuse to open up in fear of what they dont know, when all along it was fear itself they let control the show, a simple smile through a mask of life pretending like they care, if theres something for them to gain of course u know they're there, but if they think they wont get something regardless of why ur asking for a hand, thats just too bad ur on ur own and they hope you understand, everything you touch and everything you see, is all your life will ever be, I choose to be that girl they look at in hopes someone can save her, since they continue to fucking stair at a simple blank sheet of paper......