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not for you... for him.... or them?


Cam00730by Beautiful Felon23 Feb 2014

Ill play along and ill go with it to avoid the fight,
because I love you too damn much to prove this time im right,
I wont question you any more especially when its about drugs,
instead of our moments with pills around us Id rather cherish your hugs,
you looked straight in my eyes and told me you'd never lie,
when I look directly into your heart saying only for you i'd gladly die,
I will ignore everyone of them because you're the one I want,
and God forbid if you pass before I do I hope im the one you haunt,
if there ever comes a time you feel the need to hide anything from me,
please know id rather you be honest id give anything to make you happy,
Id live any kind of life so long as theres a smile on your face,
I guess Im just glad to be with you and no one can take your place,
so you can look me in the eyes and tell me all the lies you feel you need too,
cuz ill just look inside my heart and know why I believe you!