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Ya know... when we feel just a little twisted inside...

TwIstEd S0uL

Cam00730by Beautiful Felon24 Feb 2014

taking into consideration
the bullshit mind fucks and abuse too
losing my grip on reality
more times then I should but who knew?
behind a mask she wears so well
suffering inside her own beautiful hell
holding tightly to a secret she can never tell
along with a lifetime of living inside a shell
how do you undo years of being treated so bad
how do you get happy from numbness when your always mad
how do you take something shattered laid out in front of you
in a thousand pieces how do you mold it into something new
when your only happiness is a fucking fantasy
getting lost inside a cold dark hell just to escape your own reality
the twisted soul became the only thing no one could take from you
and sadly when thats all you have left then a twisted soul is what you grasp so tightly too.......