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Cam00730by Beautiful Felon24 Feb 2014

if you think you're sparing my feelings here just remember i'm already numb,
and there really isn't anything you can do to this messed up depression I have succumb, life before them and now that i'm no longer around cuts deeper then ever before, and with each passing day its getting that much more difficult to pull myself up off the floor, you claim to have faith in me you're fear however shows you're just scared, and it feels like an act that you put on so others think you really cared, now i've told you before a couple of times that I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks, that as long as i had my family beside me id gladly go down as this twisted life boat sinks, but that isn't the case here in this fucking time era, shit my own brothers forcing himself to love his cheatin wife named sara, there's no honesty and you've already laid down who's the favourite, i remember being less than 10 years old the first time i wanted to say fuck it n quit, but i sucked it up and i held it in doing everything i could to please you, and in doing so i lost sight of myself just in time to see how this is meant to amuse you....