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The challenge... and epic most championship! :) Full of some type'a love!! xoxo


Cam00730by Beautiful Felon01 Mar 2014

I could say you give me that hummingbird heartbeat
I could claim that with you my life feels complete
falling for you as fast as an Aerial dive
faster than a fighter jet you demand to feel alive
Inside your hands covered by a sense of security
I can safely hide from this cruel worlds image of me
I can lie and claim my passion for poetry is still there
but unless it burns inside of me I lack the ability to care
'I think the hummingbirds know i am not at peace within so they are searching for me
to try and bring it back to me' the inspiration I need is now seen so clearly
the passion the hummingbird feels when brought to a beautiful flower
something similar to the passion for poetic words I empower
Its not so much that I lost my touch so to speak
its the inspiration that I long for to use my words in a way that's unique
I can take a simple topic and it can drive me totally insane
until I can throw it down on paper and have it burn with passion again
so its not so much the topic that makes this poetic creation
its how I use my words when I finally find my inspiration...