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Never getting accepted by my own flesh and blood...

Good Enough

Cam00730by Beautiful Felon14 Mar 2014

I know I'll never be,
good enough for you,
the sad part is,
I know this is true,
your standards are set high,
too high for me to see,
blood may be thicker than water,
but not when it comes to my family,
we do things differently than most,
things are a little more fucked up,
where we should be one solid team,
instead we remain corrupt,
nobody is perfect inside this world,
and if you're not somewhat close its tough,
through the eyes of my older brother,
I'm his flesh and blood and still not good enough,
I have made mistakes in my life,
I have had a pretty fucked up past,
but to hold it against me when I'm making it right,
how much longer can your hate toward me last?
Since I was a kid I looked up to you,
wanting nothing more than for you to accept me,
acceptance shouldn't be so impossible,
coming from your own fucking family,
same blood same roots same mom and same dad,
growing up with this was tough,
having to accept that I will never have my brother,
simply because I'll never be good enough...