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Like most of my words, take it how you will... I'm simply placed on this planet for you to judge me... :) now you can do so poetically haha ;)

Becoming as fucked up as you..

Cam00730by Beautiful Felon24 Mar 2014

It's as if my brain shuts down when I try to let out this pain inside, kinda like what happens when too many feelings and thoughts collide, total mental train wreck not one survivor in sight, and even that seems too lightly put so something isn't right, the shit I didn't want to believe turns out to be true,
I open my eyes to realize I'm becoming as fucked up as you,
letting something I can't control become some kind of obsession, have you not caused enough damage, did I not learn my lesson, when I, in the end, saw how little you care,
or when I finally understood that you were never really there,
was that not eye opening enough for anyone to see, or do I feel like I deserve more just subconsciously, it's as if putting all my trust and all my faith in you, still wasn't enough proof to show you that it's true, even after all the accusations and hurtful shit you said, I have a hard time just walking away from all the wrong inside your head, there isn't anything I can do or anything I can say, to get you to see the truth when you only see things your way, everything happened the way that you claim with eyes so full of smoke, I can't help but sometimes look at this and think its all a fucking joke, I see this bullshit I know its bullshit you've been fake since day one, so why do I still fucking try when I see that this is done,
I've never given up so easily on something worth holding onto,
but this is not something I should even care to look back too,
you live your life damn near submerged in dramatic quick sand,
and when someone tries to help you out you immediately bite there hand, and twist it around so it looks like they never tried and you're helpless once again, yet you have the balls to question how come no one wants to be a friend?