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He blamed me, I agreed and showed him how crazy it was... (don't really know the outcome yet... probably post a poem about it if I find out) haha

Pointing fingers with my gun

Cam00730by Beautiful Felon24 Mar 2014

Now that you mentioned it I believe I do recall, holding a gun up to your head making you risk it all, forcing you to play the role of the dope king, telling you to help the world even though it would cost you everything, from your very last dollar to the place you called your home, I made you lie to your one true love I made you leave her all alone, with my gun up to your temple no way to tell the last time it was shot, the beads of sweat dripping off your face lets me know you're getting hot, I tell you to repeat word for word what I say, and you do just like you're told like a dog trained to obey, I must make it official before I begin to have my fun, I make you sell your soul to me a deal that can not be undone, again you do what you are told maybe the gun holds all the power, either way I'm loving the fear you show your sweat rolls off you like a shower, every where you go from there on out I made a home inside your heart, living as the voice inside your head telling you how to rip your own world apart, constantly keeping you on your toes spinning the revolver and playing Russian Roulette, this deal you've made with the devil herself you'd have to die before I let you forget, I made you stay gone for days and days, I forced you to treat her in some fucked up ways, where she had every right to be hurt by you, I made you act defensively pushing her further away from what was true, I twisted around the life you loved and made you piss off the wrong guy, who carelessly came out of no where and made your beautiful family dog die, I made it hard for you to cope with hard for you to grasp onto, you never made one single decision everything was done with my gun pointed at you, and it all started before we actually met you were a time bomb waiting to blow, it was only a matter of time before she packed up and hit the road, what you tried so hard to view as your perfect 'masterpiece', mixed with your dope all you had were ingredients for your fucked off disaster-piece, I'm sure you see this poem as being totally fucking insane, I hope so because it's the kind of shit you let build up inside your brain, I can see how it may be difficult for you to accept any fault of your own, placing all the blame for your constant fuck up's elsewhere is all you have ever known, but eventually you're going to have to grow up and possibly become a man, well, as much of a man as one can be when dealt such a small hand, it pains me to say this but not as much as it will hurt for you to hear, before you try placing that bullet inside your dome once more first try facing yourself in a mirror, look yourself straight in your eyes and accept that no one but YOU made your life fall, once you've realized that if you're still in the dumps by all means paint your thoughts on the wall....