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some type'a love

Cam00730by Beautiful Felon24 Mar 2014

You asked a question of absolute simplicity-
but the answer seems hard to define-
If I had things my way-
I'd never let go of those times you were mine-
I would have captured every single moment-
playing it over and over again-
even to relive those memories till my time is up-
I know I could die happy in the end-
I had my best times with you-
weather or not you find that likely-
there has never been another soul-
that has ever made me feel so pretty-
so loved and so wanted-
you made me see that I was cared for-
and I loved the way you'd look at me-
my past no longer mattered any more-
didn't mean to get too far off the subject-
but here is the definition for 'how much'-
1. [p] proposition, what quantity or price-
the amount of love I hold for you nothing in this world can touch-
there ain't another human being-
animal or unknown alien of some kind-
that could ever compare to you-
this type'a love you can't 'just find'-
this is the type'a love that no matter what no one replaces-
at the end of every kiss I'm still left breathless-
that love that you cant go a day without thinking about-
I guess my answer to your question of 'how much' would have to be...