Back then because of these days

Cam00730by Beautiful Felon26 Mar 2014

I catch myself looking at e-mail's and messages that we sent to each other over a year ago,
alone they hold enough passion to make sure I never let you go,
the computer seemed to be the only way promised to eventually get a hold of me,
I use to chase some type'a life similar to the twisted effects of the amazing L.S.D,
and when shit hit the fan and I lost everything you came and again saved my day,
but this time I won't run back to that type'a 'world', your world is where I wanna stay,
you're like the way smarter dude version of me but on a totally higher level,
the same in so many ways but you're professional and I demand to be a rebel,
I don't have to say anything at all but you know when I'm not ok,
it's always been like that with us looking back then because of these days,
at times there were months that went by and we didn't speak,
I think it made us stronger because there's no way it made us weak,
you still give me goosebumps with certain looks that you give,
I know I'm bad at showing it but sometimes you're the reason I chose to live,
I'll get stuck in my head over the bull shit life is putting me through,
and no matter how far away I've mentally gone I can always be brought back to you,
you've understood everything about me since the day we met,
that day you first kissed me is one I can't forget,
you're the one that comes to my rescue when I get lost inside this maze,
even looking back then because of these days.