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Something for the woman that gave me life

For my creator (my mother)

Cam00730by Beautiful Felon26 Mar 2014

The last thing I want is for this to come out too cliche,
I wish to make this a one of a kind like it was painted by Monet, not your everyday average poem forgotten sooner or later, this one holds so much more meaning it is written for my creator, not only did she simply put this life inside of me,
she is the one sole keeper of every kind of beauty, she can take the place of any person that I chose to leave behind, but she could never be replaced because she is truly one of a kind,
she has the power to heal a million broken hearts with one simple kiss, she can turn complete chaos into a meaningful bliss, and when you let us go into this world you hope that you did right, showing us which path to go hoping we never lose our sight. the ability to chase away the monsters no matter how old I get, she makes the footsteps I dare to follow I wish to be like her silhouette. So long ago she held me close inside her tiny hands, simply wanting the best for me not making harsh demands, she is the reason I know the proper way to express how to love, when I'd get distracted and go the other way it was my hand she never let go of, she forever lives inside of me reminding me I'm worth the fight, and when I slip into my darkness she quickly brings me back to light, you'll never see the meaning in life until you look down and see her hands,
its amazing how through the most intense of storms this woman still stands. More precious than the finest gems or pearls and her beauty is far greater, there is nothing in this entire world that compares to a life creator.