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This is a word picture I did for my friend that passed away, it was an idea from another poet and taking the trip down memory lane to get this to come out the way it did was much needed. Thanks doll!

Matthew in words..

Cam00730by Beautiful Felon01 May 2014

\m/ Matthew Arrieta \m/
Demanding to live like the Rockstar he was on his way to becoming, Matthew was not afraid to show his love for that kind of style. Dark hair, usually cut into a mohawk with the sides shaved totally bald. Fairly tall, MED. Build with tan skin, slowly getting covered with beautiful tattoos; Arrieta in script font on the right side of his neck, Bass head across his knuckles. He got Mom tattooed on the inside part of his right biceps, and along with many more he also had Over Come tattooed across his chest. Gaged ears, snake bite piercings, and his septum pierced. All the tattoos and piercings never took away from the natural beauty he held inside, and it only added to the personality he owned, whether rocking out with friends or simply hanging out with the little ones. Inside and out he was such an amazing, talented and funny young man. With bright brown eyes that could warm your soul if you looked at them long enough. He looked a lot like the lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold, M. Shadows. Oh Matthew, you were taken too soon, and are missed more than ever!
R.I.P (1988-2012)