Heart prisoner

Pz-avatarby Emil Beli29 Jul 2013

In the swamp enveloped by the glowing mist,
Hut stood menacing shaped like the maul,
Trough it's window protruded gentle fist,
Terrified girl hung chained to the wall.

By the dancing fire stood the hag,
Laughing to her tearful face,
Trapped in depths of her own dream,
She begged for her loved one's embrace.

And the hag approached to her pray,
To the window turned her head,
Familiar silhouette she saw far away,
Her loved one stood there frozen in dread.

And to her ear the hag quietly spoke,
Words of steel cut her heart,
Her plea true love's embrace will invoke,
But one standing will soon depart.

Her body sweats in the soft bed,
Mind held captive by the dark dream,
Her loved one is sitting beside her head,
Helplessly watching her scream.

Every night the same storm arise,
Another warrior is at the hut's door,
Slaying old hag to reach his prize,
Unchaining her as every night before.

And there they stand in front of the hut,
Embraced they see her loved one desist,
Warped door begins to shut,
Hag-slayer disappears in the mist.

And there she passes through the door,
Loved one staring in her tearful eyes,
This nightmare ends as many nights before,
Squeezing throat to choke her heart's cries.