Nymph and the Pagan Prince

Pz-avatarby Emil Beli29 Jul 2013

In a land of lakes and forests of old,
Far to the north near the icy sea,
Centuries passed of a lovers that were lost,
And still legend was being told.

Under those trees on a grassy ground,
two hearts to eternity were bound,
Beautiful Nymph Arja's heart,
To the heart of pagan prince Eemeli.

His love to her angered mother Tellervo,
Goddess of a forest and a light,
To prevent her love to this human,
She hid Arja with her magical might.

Eemeli asked the grass if it feels her touch,
And the trees if they hid her emerald eyes,
But the nature remained silent,
In fear of mother's terrible wrath.

He used his mighty Runes,
And Runes shown his Love,
Her silhouette sparked motionless,
Buried under sacrificial stone.

"I am here buried under the stone,
Mother's wrath binded me to the earth,
To hide me from your human touch,
To hide me from your honest love."

Goddess felt his strength,
Felt her daughter's love untamed,
Wrath consumed mother's mind,
Burnt them both with her might.

As he awoke from thousand year's sleep,
In a strange land and with a strange name,
He could feel her love so deep,
He could feel the same soul's flame.

Many years he spent in his quest,
Found her lands and seas apart,
Near the same forest and the stone,
Where their love was laid to rest.