Pz-avatarby Emil Beli29 Jul 2013

He came flying from far away,
Breeze chills his soaring wings,
Over the mountains, forests and lakes,
Enjoying every breath he takes.

On the lake below his master's heart was taken
By the single glimpse of an elven maiden,
And their eyes were met in that moment long,
Her heart was taken along.

High above raven soared,
To his claw message was tied,
Of a love that happened that day,
And took his master's rest away.

To the hunter elf she was promised,
Raven have seen her many times menaced,
And since that day she lost the will,
To cook hunter's every kill.

Raven waited from above for morning to come,
For hunter to leave his madam,
And lose him of his sight,
So he can begin his delivery flight.

He knew he'd soar again right after,
Carrying message back to his master,
Chilly breeze will be again on his wings,
Making master happy with maiden's loving greetings.

Bonfire sparkles high into starry sky,
Pinewood whispers it’s blazing song,
Fragrant smoke enriched by the yellow thyme,
Carrying dancers to the dreams along.

Mesmerized they dance in circles,
Celebrating this happy night,
Elven maiden now embraces,
Their brother of human kind.

In the shallow water they stand,
Holding hands and looking to eachother’s eyes,
Silently praying to the Lady of the lake,
For everlasting joy by the approaching sunrise.

And brothers still dance and sing,
They raise their hands as the flames leap high,
Shadows were bending and straitening shy,
As he gave his love a gemstone ring.

High above raven soared,
Overseeing this event of men,
Happiness is back to his master’s face,
From his wings to their embrace.