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A very loose and rough draft

A Pressed Penny

Imageby Andrew M. Harbach04 Jul 2015

I love watching you walk from behind, onward with a precarious figure. You step towards a place that neither of us know.
Hand to your head, tap-touching your hair, sashaying with an arm to your side - beckoning me to join you.

Uncertainty finds my legs numb, nerves creeping to the up-beating of my heart.

I must admit, I am nervous. You, being all to perfect - I don't deserve it.

To walk by your side would be an honor. Evenings of hesitation to lean closer. Having our shoulders pressed together with a wall of unspoken prudence. Prudence such that I may not mess this up.

Evenings of perusing portfolios. Listening to my music and your stories. Making buttons. You are so special. I watch you, entranced and euphorically mesmerized by the subtle changes in your disposition.

I want more and more to know your very thoughts. Seeing your ponytail and the shawl that covers your caramel shoulders...

So I chase you with a song in my head that only you can hear. I want to have it heard and harmonized. We plug into our playlist, hours away from each other. We listen to the same songs, and I think of where you are and how the words sit with you. They all make me think of us.