Sideways Up

Imageby Andrew M. Harbach21 Nov 2015

You found me full of sideways-s. You looked upon a backwards view. It was there that we parted ways. I left all else unfolded and draped - to slip through vents of pragmatism and to let a workman's tool carve a novena into an idol I built out of us and out of many 'ours.

Lost, locked away; an isle of sand in a sea of desolation - I kept you. Thinking it was there I could never lose you. But more so worse, due to my thirst, across that dessert I could not traverse. So I left you there, in salted air, with bleeding lungs and a languish to be free.

I let you go. Thinking that with an open cage you would rearrange your heart and reread the books that we wrote and wish to scribe the end, and print it on your palms. I see your passions. They flooded my landscaped mind. Whatever had your dam break, soaked deeper into the core of my soul than I could have ever dreamt. My lackluster love found targets as shrapnel does. My peace grew roots. You returned and sat me upright. To forward I will walk. Towards forward with you I go.