My Dear, My Will, My Love, My Trust

Imageby Andrew M. Harbach22 Dec 2015

Still I talk to take you tipping towards my lips to kiss… To let you go, I cannot, no, because of all we’ll miss.

The rainy rooftops rest assured will bead and stop the drips…My hand in yours, eyes to the floor, brushing hair with fingertips.

Sunsets show what we both know within the harness of our souls, the familiarity of it all, does speak with bashful harks.

Wherein we go from where we’ve left, we do not know, we cannot know, but then there is sky filled with Adrian stars.

So we leave it left with looming fear. Of what wayward raft we cling? I say our love, what’s most endearing, to take us towering.

We’ve mounted stairs of stereotypes, got lost within its winds. But here we are, beneath the storm, to hope to be again. I’ll be your shelter, surely unshaken, boastfully tall, homely at my finest.

I’ve made a work of endless taste through a feast of blessings by the Highest.

He turned my spirit and drafted me still, to bring peace and calm to us.

My motivation is you, my dear. My will, my love, my trust.

So when you ask me why I stay, why I do not turn and drift away, my answer still relies on this: I love you for you not for what I get.

To be with another woman makes no scrap of sense. No venture simple has brought great work, without an unknown no accomplishment.

It is from here that I speak thus, of how much I have faith in us. Take peace, be still, trust in His Will….My dear. My will. My love. My trust.