Imageby Andrew M. Harbach24 Dec 2015

U. Seemingly there is little faculty left in my mind for anything less. U.

U. A globe when you lean, your head upon my lap, with your knees pulled to your chest and an eye roll that darts to find me in the corner of your stare. U. You dwell there and return to close face - wayward to dozing and satisfaction smiles. U.

U. Because of when I see the way that your hair falls purposefully and yet in bereft upon your brow. U. Because your stride drives me wild. U. Seeing the way your neck meets your shoulders and falls to the rest of you like the most perfect, mad, tumultuous, and volcanic eruption sculpts obsidian glass that paints mountainsides for years to come in black beauty - leaves me without a breath and thirsting to touch your skin. U.

U. I cannot keep myself from missing your love. U. But when I see the photographs of your entranced gaze upon my oafish orbish head, I am filled with love and hope. U.

U. I am yours. U. You begin and end me - between the thoughts I have and the sentences from my lips. U. Because of this, I breathe your thoughts. U. I jar your air. U.

I know you know when you close your eyes that you feel me there. U.