Imageby Andrew M. Harbach01 Mar 2016

She's never known what she wants- never has and still rarely wrestles down
her wishing crown
To wear atop her insecure brow.

ALAS! - Does that not speak wonders? Reveal fears, apprehension, and equivocation?

She knows albeit at least one one thing for sure:
She wants to DISCOVER those wants devoid of the wanting of OTHERS.

He THINKS he knows what he wants. And because he thinks he knows her - he wants too much, in her place, FOR her...
Violating the only sure and secure desire that she clings to in dire so dearly.

She rejects this. Her whole being wrenches from the stench of the potential to hear a "told ya so" inasmuch due to the ACHING she has in her stomach from the bare WASTELAND of trust for humanity's intentions...its interpretations of her SOUL -

That which she keeps on - headstrong - to never let her one want GO- to find radiance...- even of the softest light that she CAN - Though she ends up hiding it to prevent her secrets to show. Sunshine in snow. Something always melts away. Her damned up self-loathing, poised to overflow.

He smiles. For all this by grace's disclosed WHISPER lets him know best how to fortify a SYSTEM that only SUPPORTS her purity and newfound WISDOM...though he bleed with her - both victims of a world renowned by the existence of serpents at our heels - Such that we are always healing...Mind me if you will...

She is a rectifying mess, as is he, who both but do, and will CONTINUE to, march on and persevere.