Mandela - 7 Twitter Poems

Pz-avatarby Boinkaz06 Dec 2013

1990 was the date
U pushed aside apartheid hate
~27 years 2 late
I hear this night U met your fate
godspeed Ur soul 2 heaven's gate

Memo to the Herd
Re: #NelsonMandela
27 years in captivity
we cannot see
we cannot hear
we dare not speak

Arms a V onstage ->
shirtsleeves webbed in color ->
a roaring choir of rising voices
cry freedom <
my mandiba brother

No #Mandela in America
just porkbarrel-paid political pygmies
clubbing the electorate with forehocks
in an endless Sharpville Massacre

Whips & sabers,
they'd castigate
those who resisted
the apartheid state
A hero's goodbye 2 #mandela
You did your duty to the world

U laughed at me
& my work
& my shirt
& when apartheid fell
U sed ~ he's FREE already.
U never understand much.
Did u?

Liberty cut by the reckless.
Round her throat a burning necklace.
Cross her brow a crown of thorns
Data #apartheid
Freedom scornd