Miss Rowdy

F43245fc-1d32-42da-a34b-23aa5fa3106aby Protector Citadel16 Apr 2018

Omg I will quit if you bring her back. 100%.
Tell her no. Position has been filled.
And stop fucking texting her she is no longer your employee
She's a fucking idiot that message makes me so mad. Stupid compulsive liar I swear to god if you fall for her shit AGAIN I will murder you.
Tell her exactly what I said.
Do it or I'll show ——my tits
Its filled bye bitch
No do it now
And screenshot.
I'm so mad
Fucking stunned cunt why would she even ask???????
Like holy shit lol I would honestly break up with you if you ever let her step foot in the hotel
Shouldn't even have apologized
BE NICE?!?!!!
To that fucking psychopath are you crazy if that idiot ever says anything or looks at me wrong outside I will knock every tooth down her throat I am so not okay with her
Godddddd fucking damn
Did she reply
Lol whyy
Yes of course.
Because I'll make that bitch swallow them