I love

F43245fc-1d32-42da-a34b-23aa5fa3106aby Protector Citadel16 Apr 2018

I love, the way you laugh when your mouth is closed
I love, how it feels when you put your hand on my leg in the car, and when you hold my hand and kiss it
I love, the way you look at me with love in your eyes
I love, how you take care of me, feed me, educate me, love me
I love, how you hug me so tight as if it is the last time
I love, how you always think of me before yourself, even though I wish you would put yourself first
I love, the way you smile at me, so differently from everyone else
I love when you shake your head, after I say something silly
I love everything you do for me
I love your voice
I love your lips
I love your hands
I love your warmth
I love your scent
I love your laugh
I love your eyes
I love your smile
I love your glare
I love you.