A Precious Memory

Pz-avatarby Noei Ben Yehuda08 Nov 2020

I took a walk to see the rain,
to smell the early yellow oranges again
as autumn comes and Earth is washed
though summer's ever-lasting roar remains.

The gravel road was shining cold
I've always liked to watch these old
roads which I've always known
to be only mine, and my alone.

The same old house, the same old tree
as I'm walking through my memory,
but suddenly, a sign which says:
"Construction site – don't get any close!"

I stand still, and watch the road
as evening shadows are awaking and the sky gets dark.
I walk back home, realizing that my place would soon be gone.

But as I go to sleep at night,
I still remember well the sight
of an open road, a house, a tree
the sight of a precious memory.