About Me

Pz-avatarby Noei Ben Yehuda08 Nov 2020

They say girls can be who they want these days:
Astronauts, managers, even presidents.
They say each one should fulfill herself and follow
what her heart says.
I do.

They say girls aren't fragile at all.
Aren't gentle, or soft like we've always been told.
I am. Is it wrong?
My dream is just to feel warmth when it's cold
outside the house. With a husband and a child.

I like to play with my dog in the park.
I don't like football and how they shout and fight.
I like playing with dolls, they are quiet and nice.
I like pink, it's the color of the winter trees.
I like in the movies how she's saved by the prince.

They say girls should follow what their heart says.
I do.