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What if the person that once was the object of your fantasies was now the stuff of your wildest nightmares?

Wet Nightmares

6f1eb461124aca5a21c5b7f61e93ab52by Brendon J O'Brien31 Jan 2014

I can't fathom when we could get wet together.
Not unless it was stormy weather.
My tongue couldn't touch you,
And your lips would run like sandpaper against my soft tender want for you,
Part like scissors to cut and peel at the zest of my Love.
You'd suck it all out of me,
Leave me out to dry.
Vampires don't get wet,
But cold
Like the defeat of your touch
And the lie of your warm breath
Revealing your lack of Love for me.
I'll admit that I get nightmares about it -
About your deceit pressed up against me;
How your cool breath arrests me;
About whenever next we share a mirror frame,
I won't see you.
Even when I could've held you in my arms, you were gone.
And what woke me up at night was that
Your vanishing was always better than your vanquishing...

I borrowed these arms from a Loving God
To wrap them around you.
Maybe that's why you wince.
My touch could never get you wet.
Just burn with a passion like Christ,
And you just wanted to be fucked like hell.
Or maybe I was too cold?
Chilled holy water steaming against the emerging temperature of your sex
Like I was trying to stop you.
That's sometimes how I imagine it -
Me pouring all I was over you
Only for your skin to burst.
If it was my lust I was dripping onto your eager lips,
You'd still be under me.
But I leak Love
So you leave in a rush.
Now I fear your touch
Like a passing cloud
When you hang me out to dry.
I can't fathom what wet dreams with you would mean.
More like nightmares -
My body wasted, wet from cold sweat.
But your vanishing was always better than your vanquishing.
Compared to passing cloud,
Stormy weather is closer to forever.