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feelings while pebble finding


Photo_2by Brianna Lea Pruett02 Dec 2013

A shirred ripple, heart movements like water.
tiding in, tiding out. a way of talking.

when rising in, those talkative waves lap laughing,


on the shore.

rolling up undulating, permeable. impermanent skin
over babyrock beds

wetted down
with foamy quilts only hours before,
newly dried.

. reflecting to those who might dream of it .
. amateur astronomers .
. real astronomers .

the mix and multitude of stars in the heavens. these

babyrock beds

singing and calling to all who would walk with their heads down low

looking for one with a face, lucky finding four or five, with faces, maybe to
be sent with a letter to a girl later

or maybe given to a daughter or a son later,
or a beau.

words, i find in my heart,

wordbeds strong and solid that way like tiny perfect pebbles,
some with faces, some to be glaciered in the next ice age,
some to be given out and
some to be forgotten,
but my emotions roll over

waving dark and light curling foaming
tiding in, tiding out, their own talking.