Epiphany: Belief & Pain

Headshot_with_cubs_capby Brittany12 Aug 2013


Unbelief is the quick-fix,
the patch.
Belief is the cure,
the brand new thing.
Unbelief is the spare tire,
that gets you only about 50 miles,
then quits.
Belief is a brand new tire,
with perfect treads,
unworndown by the daily pavement grind.

To write about something,
you have to believe in it.
I don’t.
I’m running away from it.
I don’t believe in it,
like people don’t believe in God.

They tell you to write what you know.
I know Pain.
Know him like an old friend on the street.
Beneath all the grey and wrinkles,
it’s that same, sad face you remember,
that same voice, broken and fragile
and seductively honest.
Yes, I know Pain.
And once you know him, you always know him.
He is the eternal archetype of fallen humanity,
the universal blemish upon every mortal soul.