Take Me with You!

Headshot_with_cubs_capby Brittany12 Aug 2013

Take Me with You!

Your world is black and white and full
of gravel roads and plaster homes,
of horn-rimmed glasses, short crimped hair,
and driving caps and naked toes.

I see you smiling back at me
with eyes that long ago went dim.
You are there, alive in your time,
clad in freedom and suntanned skin.

Oh, take me with you! Find a way
to fling me back to the good old days.
I’ll leave my cell phone and cable TV,
my digital watch and my vanity.

I will forget the constant hum
of keyboards, typing out a plan.
I will remember how to run
and how to write with pen in hand.

I will cherish imperfection,
rugged folks in ragged clothes,
anatomical energy,
panting, living in the throes.

Oh, take me with you! Take me back
to walks along the railroad tracks.
Let me lose all sense of time,
regain the soul that once was mine.