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Part of a series of poems inspired by and related to my new music album in the works called "Songs for Someone Else."

I dedicate this poem to a woman who changed my life with her words. I don't even know her name, but I was asked to attend her husband's funeral because I was her son's first grade teacher. I did not want to go, it hit too close to home for me...but I was encouraged in so many ways by so many people. As she grieved for her husband, she spoke of love with such a realness and beauty. It made sad, honored, and thankful-thankful because until that day, I had never really understood love, I thought I did before, but I didn't. I also dedicate this poem to her son, who makes me (and his dad I'm sure) proud everytime I look at him.

979 Hours

Imageby Brittany Jean21 Nov 2013

I reluctantly sat in silence
At one time, I was you
I listened to her speak, or try
Because they told me to

I saw a love so full of loss
I felt her gaze on me
Asking: "How could he be gone,
When we were destined to be?"