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Just random thoughts that fill my mind regarding my life...lost love...and faking it through the holidays.


Img_0016by Sena Reid30 Aug 2013

Jaded beyond the stars
Broken beyond repair
Light doesn't dance in these green eyes
Only pain and despair

Thought I had it in me
To try one more time
But his love was bitter
As if biting into a lime

Won’t I ever learn my lesson
To not get lost in day dreams
To not be a hopeless romantic
No one’s got my back but me

Trying to convince myself
That I am lovable
Trying to find reasons to smile
Though sad & jaded I remain untouchable

Though it is Christmas
How I must pretend
That inside I’m not dying
I've lost another friend

Bake the cookies and other deserts
Wrap the presents, place the bows
Don’t forget to smile, pay attention
So nobody will know

Know how bad I feel inside
How broken I really am
That if it weren't for my son
I wouldn't give a damn

So play it cool
Pretend to be fine
The tears can come later
When I’m writing my rhymes.

Sena 12-2007