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When you fight falling in love, after countless battles of heartbreak

Destruction of the Heart

20150212_164752-1by Cali_roller23 Jun 2015

Can't identify the exact moment,
when the crack in the facade began.

Slowly crumbling and falling into pieces. Dissolving and being carried away in the November winds.

Tried as countless times before,
to stop.
To stop the crack from growing
and try to reconstruct the damage.

There was an embrace-
a look in those eyes-
and you dare kissed love parched lips.

Nothing more could have been done.
Its destruction was forged in our need.

The mind attepted to passed off as nothing more than animalistic desire-
basic human instinct.

But as the heartbeats-
it continue to rupture the foundation.
Long cemented it in its place -
to keep it tame and tethered in its cage.
To keep it safe.

The Heart escapes...
abandoning its home.
Its security.
Leaving the body with a gaping hole.

Still get to see it.
& a smile births within.
Feel its presence, as if were back home.
In its cage.

We meet in silence and under whispers.
But it has taken a new-
with you.

Only ask, that as it shadows you-
Take great care,
as if it were your own.