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This is the first poem I've written in years. I would love to start getting good at writing them again. It's probably not the best but it is my feelings on paper. Hope you enjoy and don't critique too hard.

Dearest Husband

Pizap.com14923029627303by Gandy O' Gandy03 Jan 2019

A movie date
A restaurant
Running around with you

Sweetly smile
Look me in the eyes
With everything you do

Dancing around
Those innocent brown eyes

My cheeks are blushing
Blood rushing
As if its a surprise

Look at you
Looking at me
As we watch the sunrise

Swooping your hair
As you do
As if to disguise

Unkempt and eager
My, oh my!
I'm gleaming at you too

Knowing you know
Just what to do
Makes my heart scream for you!