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'Your Beautiful Lethal Life' was partly inspired by lyrics freshly around 1992 for a close friend, who'd already written his own lyrics for the song in question, before the latter was recorded at his home in suburban East London.

Your Beautiful Lethal Life

Def._2020_110_by Carl Halling05 Apr 2016

Shooting star
With a quicksilver mind,
You deserve to go so far,
Can't someone stop you
Before you ruin your soul,
With irreversible harm?

Drinking all day,
Every single day,
Out of your head on booze,
Is this the life,
Is this the way,
A gifted child should choose?

Your beautiful lethal life
My friend,
Has sent you around the bend,
Your foolish defiant
Decadent dance
Could soon be at an end.

But you don't care
Do you, shooting star?
As you drift in your blissful dream.