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'Under Blue Berkshire Skies', also known - in lyrical form - as 'Stevie B and Me', was written as a song in 2003 in praise of a friendship enjoyed several decades theretofore.

Under Blue Berkshire Skies

Def._2015_36_by Carl Halling09 Apr 2016

Stevie, we were free,
Stevie, you and me,
On that golden day,
Was it '68?
The decade's last few days,
The whole wild world was crazed,
But where we were was peace,
For you and me at least.

If I stop for a moment,
I dream groves and country paths,
Green's 'Albatross' is playing
In this our past,
Whole empires were falling,
The old ways were fading fast,
Things never last,
But you and I found peace at last.

We weren't friends for long,
Things began so strong,
We were far from home,
Together less alone,
We drifted far apart,
We grew up oh so fast,
We had so far to fall,
Four years took their toll.

We walked and talked
For many hours,
Safe under blue Berkshire skies.