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'A Multitude of Woes', recently versified, was based on diary notes dating from 19/3/14, a day evidently occurring within one of the spells of deep melancholy to which I'm sporadically subject. Thence, for the most part, I'd be - at best - only able to partially identify with the sentiments expressed therein.

A Multitude of Woes

Def._2020_110_by Carl Halling08 May 2016

As a young man,
I was always obsessed
By melancholy.
I saw deep sadness,
The quality
That so tormented my heroes,
Such as Arthur Rimbaud,

And Montgomery Clift,
As glamorous and romantic,
But it's not…
It's not remotely romantic,
When you yourself are adrift,
And weighed down,
By a multitude of woes.