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I have had a similar conversation many times with my daughter, who is growing up in a consumer society. Why can't we have it all?

Explain this mum.

Photo_on_13-01-2014_at_16.49__3by Esther Dangerfield04 Jan 2014

Can we go shopping?
For what?
New things
Not this week
Next week?
Not then.
When can we?
I wish we could
If they can, why can’t we?
Because I have no money
Do they?
I doubt it.
Then why can’t we go?
You must not spend what you have not got
But they all have and they have not?
We will have no debt
And we will have no money?
Yes but.
And not have new things.
But we enjoy the simple things.
So we have less than them?
Yes we do have less.
And I think we don’t fit in.