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Esther Dangerfield

From Devon

Like all poets I write from experiences. I have written, read and studied poetry since the age of 9 when I regularly had poems published in the village newsletter! I grew up amongst many emotional upheavals and turbulent relationships, spending a lot of time alone at a young age. I withdrew into music and reading, both of which helped me remain sane. It has taken a long time to build my self esteem and self belief. I now have a spherical view of life and I am thankful for the material it provides. Poetry has been a loyal friend.

What inspires me?

My poetry is inspired by my own realisations of what life is really about. Those subconscious feelings and conditionings that have held so many of us back, until one day you realise you can have another life! I meet and talk to so many people still held back by negative conditioning.

My best line

And I am almost a song, just a half note away.

Top 5 poets

  1. Billy Collins
  2. Jacques Prevert
  3. Tagore
  4. Emily Dickinson
  5. Alice Oswald

Top 5 poems

  1. 'At the Florists' by Jacques Prevert
  2. 'Note' by Lisa Fishman
  3. 'The Names' by Billy Collins
  4. 'Beggarly Heart' by Tagore
  5. 'Wedding' by Alice Oswald

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