The Little Things

Pz-avatarby anon20 Feb 2019

I miss the little things.
The unexpected hugs that brought unexpected joy,
The good morning and good night texts,
Knowing I was the first and last thing on your mind.
I miss that smile,
That smile that was infectious,
And the longing stares before we slept
Because you wanted me to be the last thing you saw,
But now,
I’m no longer the last that you see, because
I guess
I now know why you held me so tightly,
Why you kissed me for so long,
And why you stared at me so intensely.
You were capturing the moments,
as if it may be the last.
Because, in fact,
They were the last.
You love passionately and fast,
But fall out of love even faster.
So, I just sit and look into his eyes
Because I am not ready for the little things to end.