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We are sabotaging the future of our country by ourselves. This was written from the future timeline where the worst has happened and our worst fears come to be.


Pz-avatarby Cerebral Slake15 Aug 2013

Rude awakening...

The night...over...

We sit before a Sunless day

The future we hid behind has become loveless prey

We lived for the now

Partied and celebrated

When we had nothing to celebrate

The midnight oil never appealed

Are we not blameless though?

Weren't we built to love ourselves first?

A century on earth is all time wrapped for us

Ah, procrastination!

Ah, procrastination!

The next man syndrome

The next gen syndrome

The next generation was supposed to fix it all

Afterall...they were to be buried in better tech

Everything chrome

Our malice with progress never did us any good

Our land cried out but headphones helped our ADHD generation

Speakers that never spoke to us

Concerts that blurred our focus

Motivational speakers in love with adrenaline

Pastors who never walked the talk

Imams who raised radicals of the wrong ilk

The common enemy we never tried to fight

How did we end up in swordfights with ourselves?

How did they infiltrate and turn us against ourselves?

Canker ate up our conscience and brains

We racketeered our own future

Defrauded ourselves by ourselves

We became the ponzi scheme

Parodies for the love of self

And vanity drove us into vanity

Emptiness welcomed us with boiling arms

And we thought we had it figured out

We killed the sun

Drowned the rain

The bright outlook was in fact dark

But strobe lights from dance halls

And candles from romantic dinners with venality fooled us

And just like that

We racketeered our future.