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The story unfolds. Wrong choices that once looked like genius plans become errors that transform a guy into blandness.

Free Fall And Trash Bins

Pz-avatarby Cerebral Slake28 Jul 2013

I settled for bright lights and the beauty of rainbow
To remind me of our dance in the rain and your heartbreaking halo
Wanting in never sailed your boat
Speaking cryptic with a noose about my thoat...
Had failed me far too long for me to duck stabbing the cliche
Cold world for a summer romance, I sold my duvet...
Just to purchase the jack knife with a broad smile
Unknowingly laying the groundwork for a drunk dial
Directness was the one direction...the wrong direction
Begged for the noose to tighten on the neck of my tension
Masks off turned a hero into a forgotten man
My deaf heart stepped out into the sun and got a tan
Replaced by hardwood on its prodigal return
Right there...the paradox of being reborn
I traded a fragile heart for perishable wood
And retired wood I never got to use for soul food
Without my deaf friend, I still love with all my being
And all my blueprints for steel pay rent in the trash bin.