Worldwide Stunner

Pz-avatarby Cerebral Slake14 Feb 2014

My teacher introduced a stunner, I drowned in that quotation

Bright-skinned and slim with a smile for generations

Words struck home, more impact than every lecture

Sensation in elation, had my mind on this treasure

Elegance in her demeanor, grace in her strut

Somebody else drew her smile, felt like I lost

But we all won, classy queen in our class

Fastforward, double one on, I drew her smile at last

I value your every word

Go nuts at your glow

My excitement unheard

Savour every 'hello'

Wish I never had to say any goodbye

Wish I could lend you my eyes

View yourself through my mirror

Maybe through that you could see me clearer

Let's have drinks on your bed, vibe to old school

Usher in Karaoke, reminisce bout our old school

I'll get a guitar, serenade you, draw out your widest smile

Hear you laugh, make your day, make it worth your while

Because, you make me happy.