I Hope I Write A Poem Tonight

Pz-avatarby Cerebral Slake19 Apr 2014

I hope I write a poem tonight
Of sad memories
Of cherished moments
Of lost love
Of obstinate masochism
Of society
Of tranquility.
Clothed by words I am scared to put down
I am welcomed by the scent of my missing pen
The sting of its drought eating away at my skin.
I am like a crack addict in need of a hit
On the floor, crawling towards the stash
But too weak to make the decisive move to grab it.
I hope I find strength to put down my thoughts.
It is a carnival in my head
I run from the music
In search of serenity
The kind that only a transfer of my thoughts to paper gives.
If wishes were paper
Uninspired poets like myself would turn up penless
Pretending to search for it because it probably fell.
I need my drug
I don't mind if I overdose
Who needs a pen when phones exist?
Who needs a faulty laptop keyboard when phones exist?
Tonight I shall be revived
Tonight I shall renew my mind
Tonight I shall empty out these heavy thoughts
Get the storm out of the way
And welcome fresh ideas
I hope I write a poem tonight.