Raconteur's Utopia

Pz-avatarby Cerebral Slake30 Jun 2014

Dead roses on my piano

A whiff of terror in my demeanor

Chains in my paradise

An absent-minded jury

On trial for love's death

For living loveless

For breaking hearts I never held

For my affectionate masochism

The evidence is in my frost

It is in the kisses I ducked

The love I failed to feel

The passion I failed to unchain

I knelt on broken glasses

Rejected care from loving hearts

Alienated the aesthetics of romantics

And enjoyed it.

Yes, I enjoyed it

I drowned in it

I savoured it

I loved it.

I loved that I couldn't love

My anecdotes the utopia of raconteurs

The tragedy of a heart that once loved

But now, probably never will.