It Might Be Us

Pz-avatarby Cerebral Slake24 Sep 2014

You say you have principles and I know that, and I love that, and I believe that, and I respect that, because you probably do.

But, I also know that your principles, every one of them, don't apply to me and I know why, and I know you know why, and I know we both know the path that 'why' governs.

So you are scared, of me, of what we might become, of what we already are and so, tracks appear and you run every chance you get, and run into what you run away from - the fear leaving you breathless.

You cannot always run.

Sometimes stop, turn around, let fear arrive and come close, and look fear in the eyes and look fearless.

Let fear know that you are in control and you can make him do whatever you want him to do.

Let fear know that you can bend his will with the fire in your eyes.

Maybe then, fear could become fiery passion, and fiery passion could become love and love could become me with my eyes closed and my lips on yours.

And the fiery passion can make our hearts melt, as molten magma and become one, a force stronger than the heat of the sun and the resolve of thunder.

What is love? It might be us.